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Commercial Fleets

We provide complete state reports of your fleet for the last 24 hours, Fleet owners gets complete data of last 24 hours like, How many Km Vehicle has traveled , How many hours vehicle stopped, How many hours vehicle found idle.This state report can be downloaded in excel also, This report enhance the productivity of the fleets and helps fleet owner to keep a sharp eye on his fleets unders one Dashboard.

School Buses

The toughest task for school management is to manage school buses and ensure security of the students while pick-up and drops, Mero Gaadi tracking provides complete peace of mind to the school administration by catering our Dual-Dash Cam advanced tracking solution which not only gives real time tracking of the school’s bus but also provide Live Video streaming from inside and outside and keep school’s admin team updated by every pick-up and drop point with the instant alert.

Bike,car,Truck & Tipper GPS Tracking

In our country,using vehicle without GPS tracker is very risky as theft cases are increasing day by day, Mero Gaadi racking car tracking devices not only used for track & trace but also provide extra layer of security by its Anti theft feature such as Engine Cut-off remotely in case of theft , Parking Mode , Tow Mode

Bus GPS Tracking

Bike theft cases are going very high, the softest target for thief is to steal two wheeler vehicles, hence it becomes very important to keep your bike safe and protected from unwanted theft, by installing Acumen GPS tracker, which will keep your vehicle safe and protected from theft , you can stay relax and safe after installation of our bike tracker.

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"This GPS tracking app is a game-changer! It's user-friendly and provides accurate location data in real-time. Highly recommend!"

Shashank Shrestha Itahari

"Reliable, intuitive, and essential for keeping tabs on my assets. This GPS tracking app exceeds expectations. A must-have!"

Biman Thapa Biratnagar

"Efficient, precise, and essential for tracking my deliveries. This GPS tracking app simplifies logistics management effortlessly. Highly recommended!"

Jenish Kathmandu